About Us

The Omega Course helps participants think through their end of life wishes before they ever fall ill, and helps them to move to a position where they can support others who are going through difficult times.

It was established by two friends with complementary interests and is now registered as a charity.


The Omega Course is delivered in the following locations and formats:

Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Some NHS workplaces


Privacy Policy

We only collect information that is necessary for the effective running of the course and participant safety in the premises. For each course General Data Protection Regulation compliance is the responsibility of the Lead Faciitator. To see a copy of The Omega Course Data Privacy Notice.


The Omega Course is a registered charity no. 1183642. As such it is administered by a voluntary Board of Trustees who oversee the development of the course, strategy, business, and finance, and who meet with the Directors 3 times a year. They provide an annual report of activity to the Charity Commissioners.


The Omega Course relies on grants and donated income for the majority of its running costs.