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What we Do

We run The Omega Course

We help members of the community develop confidence, both to think about their own end-of-life issues and to support friends and family to do the same. In this way we free people to plan their bucket list and enjoy the life they have left to live with the freedom of knowing when illness comes they have a plan.
Thinking and planning for death liberates healthy people to become confident family members, friends and neighbours within their community. This is really important as dying people spend more than 90% of their last year in their own homes. If family, friends and neighbours are not afraid to visit and talk their last year will be a happier one.

We provide a safe and friendly space to talk about matters related to Death and Dying. One way we do this is by running a five-session course with up to 12 course members. Course formats are flexible and regularly reviewed to comply with Covid 19 risk using social distancing and online technology.

We promote The Omega Community

Once participants have completed The Omega Course they become part of an informal community of people who have had some training that helps them connect with people who have received bad news, or who know they are dying, or have been bereaved. This enhances the social network around the ill person and their relatives. We love getting feedback about participants new confidence in talking to relatives, friends and neighbours.

Values that guide our practice

✦ The Omega Course uses a participative approach to learning
✦ Non specialists can learn to help others with end of life planning
✦ Each individual has a right and a need to plan for their own end of life
✦ Each voice and opinion in the group will be listened to
✦ Empathy, Kindness, Confidentiality, Respect will be promoted within the group
✦ Religious, Racial and Sexual diversity is respected and welcome
✦ Religious points of view are welcome in discussion but the course is for those of all religions and none because we all die. No individual religion is promoted
✦ General Data Protection Regulations are adhered to for confidentiality.

See The Omega Course Privacy Statement below

What are the Benefits?

It is a common experience that as we begin to talk about difficult subjects our fears subside. The very act of voicing concerns in the company of other empathetic people brings those concerns into proportion. At that point we begin to use our innate skills to solve any issues that arise.

The Omega Course offers this in several ways:

- Ability to talk more freely about a taboo subject
- Information and ideas about planning for the future
- Increased confidence in talking to ill or bereaved friends or neighbours
- Decreased fear of the unknown

Why we do it

Our primary aim, as we run The Omega Course, is that participants are enabled to comfortably consider death dying and general end of life issues. This increase in knowledge and confidence is known as ‘death literacy’. People will be better prepared themselves to face end of life, and to provide help to others.

A secondary aim is that those who have completed The Omega Course will possess confidence and the skills to be able to support those around them in their neighbourhood communities.

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