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Covid 19

Covid 19 has had a profound effect on our way of life and makes planning for illness and death a priority.  The poignancy of dying alone in hospital has been etched on our consciousness but even now a clear plan for end of life can beis very helpful to get the best out of health services.  An Advance Care Plan, akin to a pregnant woman’s Birth Plan, does not mean you can dictate and demand exactly what you want but can mean clear wishes guide staff, and can be respected and carried out.  This is covered in The Omega Course.

Covid 19 restrictions and social distancing

We follow best practice for Covid and Flu safety and request participants to undertake a Covid Lateral Flow Test and to stay away in the first week of a respiratory illness.  We also offer The Omega Course as an online package so that those preferring to stay at home can benefit from its content. Dates for 2023/4 are planned.

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