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How the Course is Delivered

✦ Courses are either run in Covid safe groups, which will be interactive, and participatory within your comfort zone; or online. We normally limit the group size to 12
✦ Each session starts with a check-in and ends with a highlight to take away
✦ We present some material for information; questions for discussion; we use video; and handout materials
✦ The general course has four evening sessions, and a six hour communication training day

Where is The Omega Course delivered

At present The Omega Course is offered in Kenilworth, and other venues in Warwickshire. We deliver the course at local clubs or cafés which are comfortable environments. Online courses give a wider geographical spread of access.

We are open to the possibility of running the course elsewhere and training facilitators to deliver the course further afield. If this interests you contact the administrator using the button below.

We successfully ran our first online course in 2021. Please register your interest in further online courses here.

Adaptation for Professionals

It is a reported fact that, not only the general public but, health and social care professionals also have reservations in talking to their patients about their end of life wishes.

Health and social care professionals are offered a shorter course as some of the material may be familiar and they will be able to process the concepts in a more condensed format. The new one day OmegaPro Course is specifically designed for health and social care professionals. It can be delivered online or in a teaching environment.

If this is your interest please e-mail the course administrator.


The Omega Course is designed with over-18 years olds in mind. There is no upper age-limit, provided that the prospective participant has capacity and is able to negotiate the premises successfully and safely.

We recognise that people with learning disabilities would benefit from the ground covered by the course. This requires specific skills and content that are under development. If you require further information or wish to offer bespoke skills please contact the course administrator on the button below.

Children, too, need to have their voices heard, especially if they are facing life-limiting conditions or bereavement. We would offer the course to parents and teachers so they are enabled to talk and plan with children. There are palliative and bereavement services and charities that specifically help children.

The Trustees of The Omega Course are willing to enter into discussion about adaptation and extension of The Omega Course concept to specific groups if you get in touch.

Funding the Course

The Omega Course has been grateful for grant funding from Warwickshire County Council and Kenilworth Town Council, Kenilworth Lions Club, Kenilworth Round Table, and from individual donations from local people committed to the improvement of community relationships at the end of life.

Financing of each course will be decided locally. In some cases a donation will be requested to cover the unmet costs of a course, but wherever possible representations to appropriate grant-making bodies will be made maintain affordability and open access to the course.

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