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"Your hesitation about joining the course is the reason you need to attend"

The Omega Course

Lead by two experienced and knowledgeable facilitators, Colin Briffa (Probation Officer, Coach and Mentor), Chantal Meystre (Palliative Medicine Physician and Psychotherapist); The Omega Course will provide a space for questions thoughts and discussions held in a supportive environment.

The content will cover hopes and expectations of a life yet to be lived; preparations and planning for the future, service provision and choices in end of life healthcare; how to talk to people who are sick or bereaved; as well as topics raised by participants. The informal format will help open discussion.

The Omega Course experience is free due to grants from the Kenilworth Community Forum of Warwickshire County Council and Kenilworth Town Council. Please apply in good time and ensure you attend if you book a place, so no one is turned away needlessly.

Benefits of attendance include:

Ability to talk more freely about a taboo subject

Information and ideas about planning for the future

Increased confidence in talking to ill or bereaved friends or neighbours

Decreased fear of the unknown

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